John, President of John’s Roofing, Inc.

I love my HYTILE Roof Tile Cutter, I became so good with it that from the ground you couldn’t tell the difference between me and a grinder, also it is great to not have to deal with all of that dust, plus if you blow a breaker you won’t have any problems and you don’t have to worry about wearing a mask and not being sure if you’re OSHA compliant.

I’ve had my HYTILE Roof Tile Cutter for 17 years and I’ve never had to change the cutter wheel or chisel. This is the only dust free method of cutting tiles. It saves me a lot of time, keeps my roofs cleaner, and saves a fortune on diamond blades.

Michael Schojer (Owner of German Roofing), Denver CO

The HYTILE Roof Tile Cutter works great, I found that Ludowici [claytiles] cut very easy, Imerys tile are very hard, but it is still faster than a diamond blade

Bill Kimball of Advantage Roofing, Inc.

I’ve been using it for 30 years, I cut valleys in with that bad boy no problem

Keith Dodd (Roofer)

You can cut hips in no time

C.D. & W.G. Roofing Contractors, Cairns, Queensland Australia

We have been using your HYTILE Roof Tile Cutters for 10 years and they are still the best by far.

Kevin Sommerville, Machans Beach, Queensland Australia

My HYTILE Roof Tile Cutter is the best thing since sliced bread!

Max Walker, Perth, W.A. Australia

I have been using and recommending Hytile products for over 30 years. It is first class equipment and the new model ‘Y’ HYTILE Roof Tile Cutter is their best yet.

Anonymous (MGP roofing), New Zealand

I’ve found it to be one of those tools that I use on every job where tiles need to be cut. Nearly all tile roofers here use them. Way quicker and cleaner than using a diamond blade.