HYTILE Roof Tile Cutter – Leave Your Competition in the Dust!

  • Hytile Roof Tile Cutter - OSHA Compliant
  • Hytile Roof Tile Cutter - Avoid Silica Dust Exposure
  • Hytile Roof Tile Cutter - Diamond Blade Alternative

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Hytile is OSHA Compliant
Trusted Roof Tile Cutter
Cost Effective Diamond Blade Alternative

Avoid Silica Dust Exposure

When you buy the OSHA Compliant HYTILE Roof Tile Cutter you get a quality product that is reliable and has been field tested and proven to make your job easier and safer. Not only does the HYTILE Roof Tile Cutter provide a newer, easier way to cut roof tile, it also provides a cleaner way. It also comes with a trimming tray that catches the broken roof tile pieces and keeps the roof clean and hazard free. The HYTILE USA division of HYTILE North America has established a service department to refurbish, maintain, and service your HYTILE products. We are only a phone call away with any assistance you may need. Our OSHA Compliant HYTILE Roof Tile Cutter has a one year warranty.

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OSHA Compliant Roof Tile Cutter

The HYTILE Roof Tile Cutter is very quick. It's ergonomic design reduces back strain and the robust construction absorbs the shock of cutting tile rather than the operator’s arms. It also keeps it's operaters safe from silica dust exposure! This is a rugged tool that actually does the job that it was designed to do and continues to do it well. Some of the earlier models are still in service after over thirty years. The HYTILE Roof Tile Cutter is loved by many. Click here to read testimonials from HYTILE owners!

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OSHA Compliant

  • No health threatening Silica Dust
  • No Silica Dust on skin or clothes
  • No Silica Dust in the environment
  • No Silica Dust staining the roof tile
  • No Silica Dust for foam adhesives

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